On This Day Cech Makes History With 200th Clean Sheet

On Sunday, Petr ech, a goalkeeper in football, accomplished a significant feat by becoming the first Premier League goalie to record 200 clean sheets. Among them, 38 played for current club Arsenal, and 162 for Chelsea. Arsenal defeated Watford 3:0 on Sunday. On This Day Cech Makes History With 200th Clean Sheet

Troy Deeney’s penalty kick was stop by ech during the game it was his first save in the top division since 2011, according to sources. Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger had admiration for the goalie, calling the record “simply fantastic”.

On This Day Cech Makes History With 200th Clean Sheet

The phrase “1-0 to the Arsenal” is undoubtedly well-known to longtime Arsenal supporters. This song used to play frequently once Arsenal took the lead back in the days when their defence was nearly unbreakable. The current chant should be “1-0 to the other team,” which is a sad reality. And it scans!

On This Day Cech Makes History With 200th Clean Sheet
On This Day Cech Makes History With 200th Clean Sheet

There are numerous Arsenal players who have underperformed this year. Petr Cech, the goalkeeper, is surprisingly one of the offenders.

Arsenal defeated Newcastle at the Emirates on December 16 of last year by a score of 1-0. Cech’s clean sheet on that particular day was his 199th in the Premier League. Of course, this was a fantastic achievement.

Cech is still looking to record his 200th spotless game, though, two and a half months later. In case you need a refresher, these are Arsenal’s EPL results following the defeat over Newcastle.

  • 3-3 draw home to Liverpool
  • 2-3 victory at Crystal Palace
  • 1-1 draw at West Brom (To be fair, if not for a fictitious penalty called in the 89th minute, Cech should have recorded his 200th clean sheet. West Brom naturally converted the penalty kick. Another issue is that Cech has never successfully saved a penalty).
  • 2-2 draw home to Chelsea
  • 2-1 loss at Bournemouth
  • 4-1 victory home to Crystal Palace
  • 3-1 loss at Swansea
  • 5-1 victory home to Everton
  • 1-0 loss at Tottenham
  • 0-3 loss at home to Manchester City

Reading this is pretty unpleasant. Of course, not all of these goals can be attributed to Cech, but the once-reliable goalkeeper is a shell of what he once was. He now has a dry spell of ten league games without a shutout.

The former Chelsea goalkeeper will be remembered as one of the best in Premier League history at his position. Regrettably, it’s very clear that he has outlived his prime.

With Arsenal supporters, the once-revered Cech has turned into a running joke.

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