FPL Experts: What To Do With Liverpool Players

The best managers in the world on whether to buy, hold, or sell in fantasy. FPL Experts: What To Do With Liverpool Players

Following Liverpool’s 7-0 victory against Manchester United, The Scout’s panel of Fantasy Premier League experts offer their recommendations for handling Liverpool players.

FPL Experts: What To Do With Liverpool Players

FPL Experts: What To Do With Liverpool Players
FPL Experts: What To Do With Liverpool Players

Sam Bonfield

I brought in Ivan Toney (£7.7m) last week by selling Darwin Nunez (£8.8m). I won’t be going back and changing the transfer because Toney has a Double Gameweek this week.

In spite of my intentions to sell Andy Robertson (worth £6.8 million) this week, I have decided to keep him after Liverpool’s performance. If you have Liverpool players, keep them for the game against AFC Bournemouth. If you can’t field a full team, you might want to sell them for Blank Gameweek 28.

Targeting Liverpool isn’t something I’d advise unless you’re Free-Hitting in Gameweek 28 and have lots of Brentford and Brighton & Hove Albion players set aside for Gameweek 27.

Utkarsh Dalmia

As they blank the following week, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing any Liverpool players this week unless you are free-hitting in Gameweek 28. Furthermore, Gameweek 27 features favourable matchups for many teams. With away games against Man City and Chelsea, their double in Gameweek 29 is also not the best.

Nonetheless, if you currently own, I would strongly advise sticking with them this week because AFC Bournemouth is a fantastic matchup.

Lee Bonfield

Hold them for the AFC Bournemouth game if you have them. If at all possible, bench them for BGW28 so you can put them back in for DGW29.

In BGW28, this is an excellent opportunity to initiate a Free Hit in order to get an advantage over opponents who will disregard them due to that blank.

Nick Harris

Going into this week, I’m slightly deviating from the norm with two Liverpool players. But, given their confidence following last week’s victory, I envisage them crushing AFC Bournemouth. Nonetheless, I intend to Free-Hit for BGW28.

Gianni Buttice

Hold any Liverpool players you may own. But given that they are blank in GW28, I would only purchase them if I had already decided to take a Free Hit that week.

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